And I Go Back To… Blogging!

Hello there WordPress my old friend, it’s been a while!

Almost three years have passed since I wrote the last blog post on my old site, and after much cringing, crying and convulsive laughter at the random and ridiculous topics that dominated the writing career of my late teens, the time has come for me to return to blogging.

I literally feel about 100 years old reading back on my old blog and screaming at the issues which dominated the majority of my attention back in 2012. While I love to write to entertain people and make them laugh, this blog will maybe take a different direction, as a blog that has slightly matured with it’s author over the last few years.

Dublin to Utrecht

“From €186. lol”

So much has changed since 2012; I now have a university degree (which will physically be in my hands in six weeks time!), I have upped and moved to Utrecht and I have met the love of my life. After taking a break from writing to focus on my studies, I have come to the point where I feel like I need to return to my passion and, leaving the dust to settle on the celebrity shenanigans of my old blog, I am hoping to begin a new adventure documenting everything from my travels and adventures in Holland and abroad, to my attempted cooking skills, as well as throwing in a few commentaries on topical issues such as Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery or Amy Schumer’s latest movie (old habits die hard!) After pledging that I would have a book written by the end of this summer (barely got passed the opening chapter -_-) I hope to write snippets of ideas here and there and hopefully get some feedback from readers along the way!

So I won’t waste any more time babbling about my plans for my new blog and just get down to business. I hope I can make you crack a smile and maybe even laugh at my posts over the coming while and as we say, “Let the adventure begin!” 🙂



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